TV Studio


  • Newscast
  • Talk Show Hosts 
  • Performing artists


Activity Description:

Visitors will record a television show. They will be part of the production crew or the stars of the show. 

Visitors will be hosting a tv show discussing current topics that they find relevant

Visitors will be making their own music video with their friends or as a solo artist



55 Minutes

Experiential Learning:

  • Psychomotor Skills: Managing props and equipment help in developing control and hand-eye co-ordination
  • Cognitive Skills:  Memorizing lines and controls help develop cognitive abilities
  • Emotional Skills: Emotional skills are developed through maintaining decorum for the job that needs to be done
  • Social Skills: Are developed through interacting with the production unit and Zupervisors. Children learn to coordinate with each other. They also learn the language of film-making



Kids earn kidZos for their work at the TV Studio.