About KidZania Doha

Capture Unforgettable Edutainment Outing

KidZania Doha the children get together to make their dreams of a better world come true.Your child will practice how to be a doctor, firefighter, flight attendant and much more; and while playing KidZ discover their interests, learn about life professions and are prepared to become active members of the society who will grow into the adult world and make a difference for the best.
KidZania is much more than a fantasy theme park; it is a learning experience where the child plays and learn new things through role-playing, in a realistic city setting that is both inspiring and safe.
At KidZania Doha Kids will fly a plane, make TV shows, save lives and enjoy up to 60 more activities; it is the perfect atmosphere for Kids to develop new skills, enhance existing ones while having so much fun.


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Outings_for_children_egypt Experiential Learning

Fun+ Learning as a ground rule

What makes KidZania a one-of-a-kind outing for children? KidZania has created a unique learning environment that is as close to reality as can be. Children explore the world by doing what is natural to them: playing as adults, taking on their roles, gaining new experience... And having lots of fun!


It's all about experience

KidZania is all about experience; the city brings together role playing to life, our main goal is for KidZ to have a positive learning experience that they will learn and grow from. Here children try different professions, learn new things, take decisions, even make mistakes but learn from them and develop new skills.


Knowledge that children want to gain

For many children KidZania becomes the place where they first discover the value of knowledge. KidZania has added the experience factor of learning
where it isn't about the school grades, it's about what they want to do and who they dream to be! Armed with knowledge & experience, children will be prepared to achieve great success in life.