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Kidzania-national-seal What is KidZania?

KidZania is an interactive city made for children 4 - 14 that combines inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play, making KidZania one of the fasted growing global learning and entertainment brands in the world. Kids can independently explore a scaled city of over 5500 square meters with more than 60 exciting careers that they can try. Our vision is to ignite the hearts and minds of kids everywhere by empowering them to make the world a better place.

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A Real City Run by KidZ!

KidZania is coming to Doha in 2018 in the heart of Aspire Zone where KidZ can choose from more than 60 real-life activities...

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Opening Second Half 2018

After championing Role-play for 20 years in 24 different locations, KidZania will come to Doha in the second half of 2018.


Kids Activities 4 to 14

From the Aviation Academy to the Police Station or Hospital, kids can learn in a realistic educational environment ...

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How to Reach Us

Aspire Zone, Doha. Call Us +(974) 4488 1071

Industry Partners

KidZania Doha selectively builds relationships with kid-friendly brands providing high impact, year-long recognition to a variety of programmes offering tailor-made edutainment messages.

For further enquiries, please contact us:
+(974) 4488 1071 or email us



KidZania Around the World

KidZania is one of the fastest growing learning and entertainment brands in the world, with 24 facilities operating all over the globe from Mexico City to Tokyo to London.