Building Climbing


Amateur Climber


Activity Description:

Visitors will learn how to use climbing equipment and techniques to climb a building.


Activity Duration:

20 Minutes

Experiential Learning:

  • Psychomotor Skills: Imitation, sense control and motor skills coordination are required to successfully climb a building. The proper coordination of legs-hand-mind is required to complete the task
  • Cognitive Skills: Attention and memory are important while the visitor is being trained and during the activity. With good logic and analytical skills, the visitors can complete the activity safely. Memorizing the important safety rules and fall prevention signals
  • Emotional Skills: Visitors learn not to be disappointed and keep on trying to reach the top even if the activity proves to be difficult
  • Social Skills: Interaction is important to reach the top. The visitor should follow Zupervisors instructions



Kids have to spend kidZos for this activity.


* Establishment has restrictions by age and physical criteria, attire and footwear