Beauty Salon


  • Cosmetologist / Nail Artist 
  • Customer
  • Hair Stylist

Activity Description:

Visitors can work as Make-up Artist Assistants or  Manicurist artist assistants also they can  be customers for nail polish or receive the kooles make-up look

and they can work as Hairstylists  and be trained how to make  the koolest hairstyle.


Activity Duration:

20 Minutes

Experiential Learning

  • Motor Skills: Use of the instruments and applying the hair product sharpens their skill of the area to be considered and the quality to be delivered.
  • Imagination: Imagining how a particular hairstyle would look on someone 
  • Social Skills: As they interact with a new person as their client and catering to the customer’s delight.



Kids will have to pay KidZos to use its services as customers or they can earn KidZos as hair stylists.