Aviation Academy


  • Pilot
  • Co-Pilot

Activity Description:
The Aviation Academy provides you with a unique opportunity to understand first-hand the complicated sequence of tasks a pilot completes before, during and after each flight. Whilst onboard, Cabin Crew will learn about in-flight attendant service, from conducting a smooth meal service to demonstrating those famous safety instructions which children have always dreamt of!


Activity Duration:
20 Minutes

Experiential Learning:
Collaboration: A good flight experience is a result of working together with order and respect.
Communication: Communicating instructions clearly and confidently, using voice and body language. 
Critical Thinking: Understanding the requirements of piloting a plane and how to assist passengers helps to build confidence.
Self-Knowledge: Knowing you have the skills and training needed to experience a real flight experience.


Kids will have to pay 12 KidZos to learn how to be a pilot. Kids who choose to role-play as Cabin Crew will earn 8 KidZos for their services.


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