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KidZania Doha signs a new partnership agreement with Rayyan Water for exciting new activity areas


Partnership designed to educate kids about the importance of water, and nurture interest in science

Doha, Nov 21, 2017 - KidZania Doha, the award-winning edutainment concept, and Rayyan Natural Water Company, Qatar’s largest national supplier of natural mineral water, have signed a partnership agreement to create a Kid-sized “Water Lab" inside KidZania Doha.

The collaboration between KidZania Doha and Rayyan Water Company aims to educate children about Water Sourcing, processing operations and promote value of science. 

In the ‘Water Lab’, children will take on the role of a water biologist, learning about the journey of the mineral water and how it is sourced, and conducting a series of tests before proceeding to bottle the water. also, Kids will engage in delivering bottled natural waters to other establishments. At the end of each activity, children will be given free bottles of water to encourage a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the fruit of their work with kidZos (KidZania’s currency) earned.
The partnership between KidZania Doha and Rayyan Water is part of KidZania's desire to benefit from the expertise and skills of international and local brands to realize its vision of providing a realistic and unique edutainment environment where children are inspired to learn through role-play.

Ric Fearnett, Governor of KidZania Doha said, “KidZania is thrilled to partner with Rayyan Water, one of the leading brands in Qatar. The planned Water Lab activities provide a realistic educational and entertaining platform for kids to realize the benefits of essential, quality water and offers a chance for children in Qatar to develop their interest in science.”

"We are in the final stages of preparing for the opening of KidZania Doha in 2018 and welcoming children from Qatar and all over the world; we are proud that we will contribute to the achievement of the Qatar National Vision 2030 through the development and empowerment of children,” he continued.

Colin Smith, CEO of Rayyan Mineral Water Company, added: “We believe our partnership with Kidzania provides a unique platform to not only educate children on our water bottling process, but also the opportunity to support the Qatar National Vision by encouraging an active interest in learning.” 

KidZania Doha, expected to open its doors in 2018, will be located at Aspire Zone in Doha, Qatar, with a footprint size of over 5,500 square meters. It will provide a unique educational and entertainment experience, offering 42 establishments where children aged between four and fourteen years will be able to role play ‘adult jobs’ in up to 60 pretend roles, learning a variety of values including self-reliance, team work, honesty, integrity and giving back to society.

KidZania is the world’s fastest growing family entertainment brand, with KidZania Doha expecting to welcome over 300,000 visitor year-on-year. The establishment will be able to accommodate up to 1,000 children with approximately 250 employees at any one time.



KidZania Doha and Sherborne Qatar working together to inspire tomorrow's business leaders.

Nov. 20, 2017 KidZania Doha, Participated in Sherborne School's Industrial day to spotlight the importance and benefits of sharpening entrepreneurial skills of the younger generation.

KidZania Doha Governor, Ric Fearnett, gave a keynote presentation to showcase the enterprise and operations of KidZania Doha. While Ahmed Helmy, HR Manager, provided a career insight to the students of Sherborne Qatar School.

"Industrial Day" is an initiative that aims to introduce the basic principles of career development and planning at an early stage, which perfectly aligns with KidZania goals and objectives.




KidZania Doha and Qatar Red Crescent sign a new partnership agreement


Partnership aims to promote the values of social responsibility and volunteerism for children

Doha November 15th 2017:  KidZania Doha the multi award winning edutainment concept and Qatar red Crescent have signed a partnership agreement, to provide a fully prepared establishment for Qatar Red Crescent inside KidZania Doha, through which children will be trained and prepared to practice charitable and volunteer work.

KidZania Doha, expected to open its doors in 2018, with a footprint size of more than 5500 square meters offering 42 establishments where children will be able to role play more than 60 pretend roles, aiming to promote educational values including self-reliance, teamwork, honesty, integrity, and social services.

"Partnership with Qatar Red Crescent is part of Kidzania Doha's collaboration with several institutions and brands operating in Qatar will develop good values and qualities for the younger generation" said Sheikh Nasser Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Tasali Board member, the franchisee of Kidzania in Qatar. “Kidzania Doha is a perfect medium for all public and private sectors interested in their children development and empowerment towards a better future. We look forward to opening in 2018 and catering to children of Doha, and we are very proud to contribute in achieving the vision of Qatar National 2030 through the development and empowerment of today's children and future leaders. " Sheikh Nasser added.

Through its presence in Kidzania Doha, Qatar Red Crescent establishment will encourage children to participate in volunteer work, promote good values and helping others. where supervisors will give training to children on how to collect donations from various operating establishments in the city of Kidzania to serve their communities.

Donations will be raised through several points within Kidzania Doha, where it will either be in form of products from other Kidzania facilities or donations boxes distributed all over the city. Furthermore, the efforts of the young fundraisers will also be rewarded with their salary from KidZania’s currency “Kidzos”.

Mr. Ali Bin Hassan Al-Hammadi, Secretary General of the Qatar Red Crescent, said that this agreement is to establish the partnership between Qatar Red Crescent and Tasali, aiming to launch Qatar Red Crescent establishment inside the city of Kidzania Doha to welcome young visitors and train them in various areas of charitable activities, social services and volunteerism.

He also added: " Fact is, KidZania Doha team has been very welcoming and understanding since the beginning of the communication with the internationally well reputed Qatar Red Crescent. Being aware of the importance of spreading the humanitarian work culture among the members of society especially children goes in harmony with Qatar Red Crescent strategy for development and community training within the state of Qatar".

Kidzania Doha has signed several partnership agreements with many public and private institutions including Qatar National Bank, Ministry of Commerce and Economy, Qatar Airways, Qatar National Library, Al Rayyan Water, Al Mutahajiba, Jotun Paints, Abdul Samad Al Qurashi and Fairy Tale salon Qatar. Further partnership agreements are expected to be announced soon.

Kidzania Doha will offer a unique educating and entertaining experience in Qatar, where children aged between 4 to 14 years will be able to role play “adult’s jobs”, in a wide variety of different professions. Kidzania is the fastest growing edutainment brand in the world and expects to welcome over 300,000 visitor a year in their facility located in the heart of Aspire Zone, Doha. Kidzania Doha can host approximately 1,000 children and 250 staff at once.



KidZania's Education Guru is on an Expedition

In pursuit of exploring the importance of role-play in creating an early childhood learning environment! Under the heading "Children Can Only Aspire to What They Know Exists", Dr. Ger Graus OBE, Director of Education, KidZania Global gave a number of keynote speeches sharing his experience with the global community of educators in a number of global forums and conferences, including the Council of Europe, Bett UK & Middle East ,BSME, Qudwa and Bookseller’s Children’s Conference UK.

"As this expedition started to snowball and got endorsed by a whole range of global and regional figures, it is clear to me that "Education KidZania" is becoming the model for a wondrous role-play based educational environment that promotes skills, values and positive qualities in an entertaining way for our children," said Dr Graus.

"Whatever the question, the answer is always education." as both Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Dr. Graus agreed.






KidZania Doha organises a family sports day for Sharaka Holdings employees at the Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club

KidZania Doha recently shared its philosophy of creating a fun and learning environment for all ages by organising a family sports day for the employees of Sharaka Holdings, the majority  stake holders in Tasali. The event took place at the Racing & Equestrian Club on April 6th  2017

Sharaka Holdings’ employees and their families took part in the sports day, participating in a  range of fun activities, including crazy basketball and volleyball. Other activities included face painting, pony rides, pony & trap, mini train, a bouncy castle and a fashion show for the younger family members. The day concluded with an exciting horse race.

Mohanad Jabari, HR Manager of Sharaka Holdings, commented, “KidZania organized a great day in which Sharaka Holdings’ employees were able to come together as one big family for a fun-filled day of activities. We value our employees and with the help of KidZania were able to bring everyone together in a spirit of fun. We would like to thank Ric Fearnett and the entire team at KidZania for organizing a great family day out. We would also like to thank the Racing & Equestrian Club for their fantastic cooperation and support.”

Ric Fearnett, Governor, KidZania Doha, said, “It was a pleasure to organize a fun, family-oriented sports day for the employees at Sharaka Holdings. We wanted to create an enjoyable, entertaining environment for all the family to experience, and everybody had a great time.”



KidZania Doha visits Sherborne Qatar to thank school children
for their support at Doha unveiling event 

KidZania Doha shared its appreciation for Sherborne Qatar last week by thanking the school’s 19 talented children who participated in the recent unveiling of KidZania’s longest aircraft in the region, a Boeing 737-500 aircraft.

During the event, the school children took part in a entertaining acting and dancing routine with the KidZania characters Urbano, Vita, Beebop, Chika and Bache, where they also introduced a sample of the range of professions that children will be able to experience through role-play when KidZania opens in the first quarter of 2018.

As a part of the visit to the school, KidZania Doha prepared giveaways and presented certificates to the 19 children. Special recognition was given to 10-year old Olivia Keefe, the young MC of the launch event, during the assembly of 400 students.

Ric Fearnett, Governor, KidZania Doha, said, “Our launch event was a great success and we truly appreciate Sherborne Qatar’s support in making this significant event such a success.  We were extremely impressed with the commitment, ability and positive attitude of the children throughout the event, which was attended by many VIPs, external stakeholders and the media. Interacting with the talented youth of Qatar is truly inspiring for us at KidZania Doha as we prepare to inspire the country’s children with key learning tools to enable them to learn about the real working environment.”

KidZania is dedicated to marrying education and entertainment to strategically teach children values which could not be easily replicated in a traditional classroom. KidZania continues to collaborate with schools in the region to further educate and introduce various ways of learning.