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What Is KidZania?

Kids Activities

The power of role-play
Role-playing is an essential ingredient in the KidZania experience. In addition to being a natural tendency of children, role-playing is a universal activity, crossing geographic and cultural boundaries, that makes learning both fun and engaging. Children can move about, put themselves in someone else’s shoes, wear a costume and use props, and communicate and make decisions in character. All of this allows them to explore different areas and concepts of the adult world.
At KidZania role-playing is a guided activity, a social scenario that follows a predetermined storyline under the supervision of a KidZania collaborator. These collaborators called ‘Zupervisors’ are highly trained individuals actively involved in establishing the scenario that gives the activity a starting point and seamlessly direct the child’s actions towards a positive conclusion.
KidZania believes that our experience and focus on role-play is particularly well aligned with an Experiential Learning approach to education.

City Setting
The physical space in which every KidZania metropolis comes to life is a kid-size, fabricated replica of a typical city with a Hospital, Police Station, Fire Station, Supermarket, Beauty Salon, Radio Station, Theater, to mention but a few. The city is one big environment made up of many small ‘establishments’ replicating a thematic mix of industry sectors. This is where the city comes to life through the kids role-play.

City Plan
KidZania city plans are always arranged in three distinct areas: city access, city center and suburbs.

City Access
The entry area to a KidZania metropolis, typically known as the Airport, is themed as an airport ticket counter to simulate the sense of going on a journey. Children and adults will be given a bracelet that collects and stores information and all the members within a group will be tagged under one adult member who will be responsible for that group.

City Center
Each KidZania metropolis consists of a city center, clusters and adjacent suburbs. The city center features a central plaza hosting institutional buildings as well as the monument of the Eternal Spirit of KidZania. The foundation ceremony of the new facilities takes place in this area.

Suburbs are located on the furthest outskirts of KidZania’s ground floor. These comprise of single story commercial establishments and residential buildings.

Industry Clusters
These include the city´s industrial and business development. This classification is based upon the establishments positioning and type of industry they belong to. The types of clusters are: artistic, media, industrial, automotive and health.

Kids can independently experience exciting role-play activities at over 40 establishment which include a Bank, Hospital, Police Station, Fire Station, Aviation Academy and Theatre. Each establishment offers a unique experience where kids learn financial literacy, careers, teamwork, independence and real-life skills.
The role-play areas at KidZania are representative of the most common businesses, services and industries that contribute to a city’s growing economy. The establishments are divided into industry sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and healthcare
  • Media
  • Private Sector Services
  • Public Sector Services
  • Residential
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Sports
  • Transportation

What do you want to be today?

KidZania’s role playing activities are inspired contextually by genuine occupations from real world industries, they are meant to replicate the complexities of real life and instill participants with hands on learning experiences, values and life development skills. At KidZania Doha we have over 50 activities that are realistically enacted and all are made real through the sponsorship of an Industry Partner.